Full of quirky, wonderful things and 400 years of history.

It’s hard to believe our main building at Wookey Hole was a paper making mill for 100’s of years. You can learn all about this on your visit. Beyond the paper-making areas, the mill buildings nowadays are home to lots of fun and
adventure… there’s so much more to explore!

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Mill:

Three soft play zones

With three soft play zones spread out across the top floor, we’ll help you wear out the kids.

Circus shows

At weekends and during school holidays, the fabulous Wookey Hole Circus School puts on three circus shows a day. You can watch the show in the Wookey Hole Theatre. Prepare to be dazzled by these super talented performers.

The shows are regularly updated so there is always a new show to enjoy.

The circus show is included in your ticket.

Wookey Hole Theatre

Check out our Special Events page to see what’s on when you visit.

Education zones

From paper making demonstrations (the Mill was originally a paper mill) to a dedicated geological section on the history of Wookey Hole. There is always something new to learn.

Vintage Penny Arcade

An incredible jaw dropping collection of vintage machines. All in working order. Relive childhood memories of simpler times. Still as much fun as you remember!

Mirrors everywhere

Get lost in the mirror maze or pull funny faces in the crazy mirrors. They are always a favourite with visitors.

Paper Making

The history of paper-making at Wookey Hole can be traced back to the 1600’s. Some of the Mill buildings you see today date back over hundreds of years, and you can discover how the paper of the highest quality was made by hand, using the fresh water of the River Axe flowing from Wookey Hole Caves to power the mill and wash the materials used in the paper itself.

On top of the Mill buildings you can spot large vents (they look like big, covered chimneys). These vents caught the breeze flowing through the valley and directed it into the “drying lofts” – the areas used to hang and dry the paper for up to 7 days.


Today, the River Axe flowing beneath the Paper Mill drives a turbine which generates electricity… Wookey Hole has been a source of green energy for centuries, and continues to be!

Other great things to do at Wookey Hole Caves…