Magical surprises at every turn

As you emerge from the Caves, you’ll find yourself in our Enchanted Valley, with magical surprises to be discovered at every turn.

The views are spectacular. Just one of the many reasons people choose to get married at Wookey Hole.

Hyenas Den

In 1857, when workmen were digging the canal that runs through the valley, they discovered a cave with a 30cm bed of bones. The bones included those from tropical and Ice Age animals such as rhinoceroses, mammoths, bears and lions, along with prehistoric humans’ flint tools.

Archaeologists estimate that the cluster of caves here were occupied by humans and hyenas alternately between 35,000 BC and 25,000 BC. Look out for the hyena’s when you walk past the cave.

King Kong

King Kong stands over ten meters tall at the entrance to our Dinosaur Grove.

He has been a feature of the valley for years now, and still has the power to delight even the most world weary tweenagers!

King Kong is a scale model of the famous fictional Gorilla. We love to see your photos with him on social media. Don’t forget to tag us #wookeyhole.

Enchanted Valley Refreshments

Treat yourself to a hot drink or an ice cream whilst you enjoy our beautiful Valley. There are plenty of places to picnic too.

The crystal clear water flowing through the canal (which is deeper than it looks) descends through a large pipe at the southern end and powers an electricity-generating turbine which generates all of Wookey Hole’s electricity.

Other great things to do at Wookey Hole Caves…