The Wookey Hole Caves Pumpkin Competition

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The Wookey Hole Caves Pumpkin Competition

Challenge your growing abilities this summer for the chance to get your gardening gloves on a top cash prize of £1,000!

The Wookey Hole Caves Pumpkin Competition has arrived to inspire new and existing horticulture activity in the region! You have the opportunity to showcase your outstanding pumpkin specimens this autumn, alongside many other entrants in a glorious array of orange vegetables!

Anyone can enter into the Pumpkin Growing Festival and the Competition will have additional prizes up for grabs in both adult and child competition categories.

Register your interest on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, send an email to us at with the Subject Line ‘Pumpkin’.

 “If anyone believes they have a pumpkin over 2,000 lb in weight and need help transporting it to the competition we will look at ways we can help as it would be fantastic to set records here in Somerset.” Daniel Medley.

Persuade your pumpkin to grow with these Handy Hints & Top Tips!

  • Use only the best pumpkin seeds!

According to sources, no other variety has produced a Championship-Winning Pumpkin other than the ‘Atlantic Giant’ seed variety. You will find these beauties in almost all garden centres and nurseries!

  • Find the largest and sunniest spot in your garden.

Pumpkins require a huge amount of sunlight to fulfil their gigantic potential. Choose wisely to ensure you have adequate room for when your pumpkin patch starts to expand rather rapidly!

  • Pitch your pumpkins in nutrient-rich soil.

This will make a huge difference to the success of your prize winning pumpkin. They like a pH neutral or, very slightly acidic soil containing lots of organic matter!

  • Water your pumpkins a LOT!

Pumpkins need a lot of water (they are very greedy plants!) and tend to do a lot of their growing at night. Infrequent and deep waterings are most effective but do try to avoid the pumpkin drying out completely. Keep the leaves dry, only water the roots and check on them regularly. You will be shocked at how quickly this vegetable develops!

  • Keep your pumpkins protected from the worst of the elements.

Your pumpkins will be surprisingly sensitive to different weather conditions. The main events to watch out for are: heavy rains, frost, extreme heats and strong winds.

For heavy rains and frost, simply pop a cover over your peachy pumpkin.

During the hottest days of the grow time, provide some shade for your precious pumpkin and in strong winds, just watch the vines to ensure they are not becoming ‘weathered’ – quite literally!

More advice can be found online for those wishing to learn a little more about the recipe for the perfect pumpkins! Alternatively, you can always try asking in your local gardening store for further guidance and help.

“The Heaviest Pumpkin”

Has your pumpkin grown to preposterous proportions?

We certainly hope so… Because we, are offering our grandest prize of all to the HEAVIEST pumpkin brought in to Wookey Hole Caves! That’s right – the HEAVIEST!

Our grand prize could land you a whopping £1,000 in cash! That’s a lot of money to take home along with your wonderfully large pumpkin!

The heaviest pumpkin will be determined using an industrial set of scales during the judging date in October.

However, if your pumpkin is growing in style rather than size, do not be alarmed – we have categories for that too!

 “The Perfect Pumpkin”

Have you grown the most attractive pumpkin in all of the land?

The winner in this category will be chosen by a Top UK Horticulture Expert as they search for only the most handsome and healthiest looking squash.

The winner will receive a weekend break and free family pass to Wookey Hole Caves for the entire year! 

“The Spookiest Pumpkin”

This category is open to everyone under the age of 16.

Not an expert in Roman quality carvings? Have no fear – we are equally keen to see your decorating skills too! Large or small, round or tall, The Witch of Wookey will be casting her eye (no spells!) over the entries and selecting her personal favourites.

Each of the winners will receive a hamper of spooky goodies, a specially framed photograph of themselves, the witch and their funky pumpkin PLUS a free family pass to Wookey Hole Caves, including a Hallowe’en treat.

We would love to see your “Pumpkin Progress!”

Send any photographs you have with a caption to our Facebook Page ( and we will do our best to share them.

Wookey Hole Caves will be asking participants to drop off their pumpkins to the attraction on Friday 19th October!

Our celebrity judge will be making an appearance on the Saturday 20th October, where the judging will commence!

Good luck everyone!