COVID – Visitor Information 

Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions COVID – Visitor Information 

We are excited to announce that Wookey Hole Caves and Attractions will be re-opening from Saturday 11th July 2020. The health and safety of our guests is paramount to our operation, we have put together the below guide to inform you what changes we have put in place to keep you and our team members safe during your visit to us.

Before your visit us:

  • Tickets will need to be purchased online in advance, we cannot guarantee entry if you do not pre-book with us. We have introduced a time slot system, this allows us to spread visitors across the day, to limit the number of people on site at any one time. Your booked time slot refers to your arrival time and not the length of your visit.
  • During this time we are not able to accept vouchers or complimentary tickets. We hope this will change in the near future. Tesco vouchers are currently being accepted online, during COVID19.
  • All annual pass members will be required to book in advance online.
  • We have introduced new temporary reduced admission rates during COVID19, this will be revised as Government advice changes on our attraction offering.
  • We encourage all guests to wear suitable face masks / coverings, however this is not a requirement when visiting.
  • We encourage you to check our website or social media pages, before setting off, for any updates on our opening times or tickets.
  • Please be prepared to pay for items on-site with contactless methods.
  • If you, or anyone in your party, are displaying any symptoms associated with COVID-19, please refrain from visiting us.

During your visit:

  • Enhanced cleaning in all areas, including high touch points around the Caves and Attractions.
  • Social distancing, a minimum of 1 meter needs to be kept from others at all times.
  • Hand washing facilities and hand sanitization stations installed around the park.
  • Our staff may be wearing PPE. Guests are not required to, but are welcome to if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Our Captain Jacks Restaurant will be open during your visit, tables have been removed to allow for social distancing, along with enhanced cleaning and disposable cups / packaging where possible.
  • Our Ice Cream Parlour will be open during your visit, operating a one way system, with outdoor seating available. Hot / Cold drinks and snacks will also be available.
  • New hygiene screens have been installed at service points to help reduce contact between visitors and staff members.
  • A one way system will be in effect through the attraction. If you require assistance at any point, please speak with a member of our team.
  • As with our staff, we ask all visitors to uphold the highest possible hygiene standards – washing hands regularly, use of hand sanitiser and catching a cough or sneeze with a tissue or in your sleeve.


What attractions will be available during our visit?

Based on the latest Government advice on opening, we will have the following attractions available during your visit:

  • Amazing Caves and Tunnels
  • Animatronic Dinosaur Valley
  • King Kong
  • Fairy Gardens
  • Cave Diving Museum
  • Cave Museum
  • Paper Making Museum
  • Vintage Penny Arcade Museum
  • Pirate Island Adventure Golf

Current online tickets include all these attractions – we are getting ready to open the rest of our attractions, as soon as the Government allows.

Why are you not opening all of your attractions on site?

Some of our attractions were not included in the opening of Tourist Attractions, however, as soon as we are able to open them (based on Government advice / restrictions being lifted) we will open them as soon as possible. All tickets pre-booked would then include these attractions automatically.

Why do I need to book online?

All tickets must be booked in advance online with an arrival time slot. This includes guests with Annual Passes and Free Return Tickets.

We cannot guarantee entry for anyone who hasn’t booked online. This is essential so that we can safely manage the number of people visiting the Park each day.

Can I use Tesco Vouchers online? 

Yes, we are for the moment accepting Tesco Vouchers online, as all tickets must be pre-booked before arriving on site.

Are you accepting other vouchers, complimentary tickets and Blue Peter Badges at this time? 

Currently we are unable to accept any discount vouchers, Blue Peter Badges or Complimentary tickets, we hope to lift this restriction in the near future.

Can I book disabled and carer tickets online?

Yes, tickets are marked with a 50% reduction and apply to the person in question, plus one carer – both would be entitled to the 50% reduction. Proof of disability will need to be shown when collecting tickets, we currently accept:

Disabled Living Allowance letter (DLA)
Blue Badge (photo ID required)
Signed letter from GP (photo ID required)
PIP Letter (Personal Independence Payment)

Failure to show proof, may result in admission being refused.

Do I need to wear PPE on my visit?

No, this is not essential, however, should you feel more comfortable please feel free to do so.

Will toilet facilities be open?

Yes, our toilet facilities will be open and our team will be cleaning high touch points throughout the day, along with regular toilet checks / cleans as normal.

What measures have you put in place to keep visitors safe?

We have implemented a number of new measures following advice from government and industry associations so that we can provide a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone.

Some of these measures include:

  • Limiting the number of visitors per day
  • All visitors must pre-book tickets online so we can manage numbers safely
  • Entry will be permitted in pre-booked time slots
  • Floor markings and signs to manage walkways and queues to respect social distancing guidelines
  • Hand sanitiser and handwashing points around the Park
  • Dedicated team members cleaning high touch points throughout the park
  • Using the latest ‘Fogging’ machines on site to sanitize areas – these machines are proven to kill Coronavirus and 99.99% of other bacteria and viruses