Wookey Hole Proud of First New Cave Art For A Thousand Years.

Bosses at West Country tourist attraction Wookey Hole Caves are urging visitors to see the first original cave art in over a thousand years before it washes off the cave walls.

Cave owners have decided to leave in place graffiti painted on the walls of the cave and in an exit tunnel in a raid in the early hours of Monday morning and add it to the attractions on offer to the public. They have also stepped up night time security to ensure it cannot happen again.

Cave owner Daniel Medley said: “We have found cans that show that actually the images deep in the cave were created using chalk spray so they will wash off as water runs down the walls of the cave. The rain in the last few days has already started the process.

“Regular spray paint was used in the exit tunnel, but many visitors have said they think the cave family is funny and like it and the children specially like the flatulent mammoth! We have decided to leave them in place as we are quite proud of them.

“We are still hoping that Banksy will claim responsibility. The graffiti makes a statement about cave art being the original visual artform and makes a link between today’s graffiti artists and the prehistoric cave painters.

“We have already been contacted by graffiti fans interested in seeing the cave paintings so I think we can boast that we are the only showcave in Britain with cave paintings on the wall – it’s just a few thousand years newer than paintings found in other parts of the world!”

One section of the graffiti shows cave people being chased by mammoths in 30,000 BC and graffiti artists being chased by a police van in 2013.

The tunnel has a caveman writing “Og Woz Yer” while a cavewoman and toddler draw on another wall opposite.