An exciting new £1.5 million attraction has opened at Wookey Hole Caves taking visitors on a rip-roaring 4D adventure.

Brave visitors enter The Witch’s Laboratory at their peril where they will encounter Harold, an animatronic bat companion to the Witch of Wookey as they are in the middle of an experiment that has gone horribly wrong.

The pair conjure up a spell that magically transports people back in time to The Lost World of the dinosaurs where they encounter full-size life-like dinosaurs in a spectacular chase through a primeval landscape.

Visitors get involved in a life or death chase where they feel the breath of the dinosaurs on their face, feel the pounding of their giant feet, hear their roars and enjoy a ride full of surprises and thrills.

Technicians from across the world have been installing the new experience secretly behind the scenes over the last few weeks and the ride will be fully operational before the school summer holidays.

Daniel Medley, Director at Wookey Hole Caves said: “We are putting the finishing touches to the new attraction now and some visitors are getting a sneak preview as we get the complex electronics and computer-generated show right.

“We believe it is the biggest single investment in tourism in the South West this year and it rivals some of the best theme rides in the Florida theme parks.”

Daniel Medley, Director, Wookey Hole Caves

“The Witch of Wookey now has a laboratory that can conjure up spells that we will change from time to time. We are starting with a spell that takes people to the Lost World of the dinosaurs as that perfectly complements the Valley of the Dinosaurs, which children love to spend time in after seeing the spectacular caverns of Wookey Hole.

“But we have plans for the witch to conjure up other exciting 4D experiences in the future. Visitors will get a real adrenaline rush as they experience the fear of being chased by the biggest creatures that ever roamed the earth.

“It is just like being transported back in time using the latest technology for people to see in 3D, hear the sounds of prehistoric Britain, feel the primeval wind on their face and a few big surprises.”

The Witch’s Laboratory and The Lost World 4D experience have been added to all the other attractions at Wookey Hole Caves at no extra charge and is a 20-minute experience of its own.