The witch of Wookey Hole Caves has resigned to launch her own retro clothing shop after being inspired by the costumes she had to wear.

Actress Sunny Van der Pas has handed in her notice at the Somerset tourist attraction where she has been playing the part of the legendary witch for the last two years, entertaining families.

She will leave the £50,000 a year (pro rata) job next month and has opened a shop called Past And Presents in Bovey Tracy, Devon, selling 1950s style clothing.

She said: “I kept accessorizing the witch costumes and I just love fashion. It has been fantastic being the witch but now I want to run my own business and I have great ambitions for the shop. I’d like it to be a chain and maybe even launch a children’s version.

“The witch costume has inspired me but you can only take so much of living in a cave. I’m now looking for something more like Dragon’s Den! I’ll be handing over the broomstick to a new witch.”

Wookey Hole Director Daniel Medley said: “We now have to find a new witch in time for Hallowe’en and we will be circulating job centres this week. It has to be someone who can work school holidays and weekends and who is not allergic to cats or children.

“The witch of Wookey is a world renowned historical character and there has to be a witch in the cave for Hallowe’en – one of the most important dates in the witches calendar. We wish Sunny well with her new venture and she is going to help us by briefing the new witch before she leaves.”