The Wookey Vision Song Contest

West Country singer songwriters have been challenged to write a song about Wookey Hole – with the best being offered a gig supporting the legendary Wurzels.

The Wurzels will be rocking Wookey Hole theatre on Sunday May 19 with their own take on some rock classics and some of their well-known Somerset anthems.

It is the first time the Wurzels have played in Wookey Hole but none of their classic Somerset ditties mention the village.

Dan Medley, Director at Wookey Hole Caves said: “The Wurzels have some fantastic songs about Somerset towns and villages but it seems there are none about Wookey – even though it rhymes with nooky!

“We want to put that right and we are asking keen young singer song-writers to put something together. We are looking for a young bard who can match the veteran masters and the best will get the chance to perform a 30-minute support at the gig before the Wurzels come on stage for what is going to be a great party night.”

“The song needs to paint a vision of Wookey. We don’t care if it is jokey and about the witch or romantic and about the caves – just as long as it is entertaining!”

Dan Medley, Director, Wookey Hole Caves
Promoter Jan Ayers said: “We know there are some fantastic songwriters in the region. This is a chance to gain some profile and get your music in front of a large audience. They will also get a chance for a VIP meet and greet with a band that has been touring for decades.”

Music can be posted online and a link sent to Songs must mention Wookey Hole or its famous caves.