New Book – 75 Years of Cave Diving & Exploration

Wookey Hole – 75 Years of Cave Diving & Exploration

Editors Jim Hanwell , Duncan Price & Richard Witcombe.

Since the Middle Ages, visitors from all over Britain and beyond have been drawn to the magnificent cave system at Wookey Hole in Somerset where the River Axe flows through a series of grand chambers before emerging into daylight after a journey of over six miles from the top of the Mendip Hills where it sinks at a number of cave systems. These eventually join deep under the hill to form the Axe.

Seventy five years ago in 1935 at Wookey Hole two cave explorers, one male and one female made the first dives in a cave anywhere in the World. This early attempt to discover the secrets that lay beyond the flooded passages has lead to some of the most exciting and sometimes tragic cave diving exploration to be undertaken anywhere. Exploration and discovery has continued right through to the 21st. century as equipment has developed to allow even deeper and longer dives in the Worlds most hostile environment.

This book chronicles the saga of exploration from those early “hard hat” lead booted pioneers of the 1930’s thorough the post War “frogman” era to the high-tech, deep dives of the present day.

This lavishly illustrated 368 page book is essential reading for divers, cavers and anybody who enjoys a compelling, true-life adventure. Most of the chapters have been written by those who took part in the exploration and have been collected over the last 25 years. Sadly many of the early authors are no longer with us and this publication is a testament to their courage and fortitude.

It includes many previously unpublished photographs.

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