The management team at one of Somerset’s biggest tourist attractions Wookey Hole Caves have temporarily moved into the caves because of the continued heatwave and noise from families enjoying their new £1.5 million attraction.

The management offices are housed in a former Victorian papermill with no air conditioning and temperatures have become so unbearable in the last week that those who can are now working underground as the cave temperature is a constant 11 degrees.


Director  Daniel Medley said:  “Temperatures in the office have been close to 30 degrees on most days so we have now set up some desks in a section of the caves away from the public where a few people can work in the cool.

“We still have to have some staff in the old mill building to look after the telephones but we are doing it in shifts so that people get a break from the heat.

“In previous years we have opened the windows but we have just installed the new £1.5 million Witch’s Laboratory and 4D cinema, which is close to the offices. The audience are screaming and shouting so loudly at the thrills and spills of a 4D experience with dinosaurs that it made it impossible to hear when chatting on the phone or to colleagues.

“It is a temporary measure as I am sure the British weather will change all too soon. Thankfully having caves at a constant temperature means that people come here rain or shine to enjoy themselves as we are an all-weather attraction.”