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Wookey Hole World Famous Caves
Wookey Hole Caves – Wells – Somerset – are amongst the most impressive show caves in Europe.
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About The Caves

Visit our stunning caves, the largest and most spectacular showcaves in England

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Witch’s Kitchen

The Witch’s Kitchen – home to the largest stalagmite in Wookey Hole – The Giant.

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Great Hall

One of the tallest chambers in Wookey Hole. Over 70 feet high, it has stalactites and recently discovered witch markings.

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Witch’s Parlour

The largest, natural underground dome in the UK. Over 200 feet below ground, with more than 110,000 tonnes of rock overhead

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Cathedral Chamber

The largest ‘rift’ chamber in Wookey Hole. The sheer height and variation in colour of the rock make this a truly spectacular chamber

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Chamber 20 – New

Wookey Hole’s newest, recently opened Chamber. Over 4000 tonnes of rock were removed to open up this beautiful cavern with unique formations

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Hyenas Den

Archaeologists reckon that the cave was occupied by hyenas and man alternatively between 35,000 and 25,000 BC

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Caves History

Take a journey back in time and discover the history of Wookey Hole Caves