Hundreds of feet underground, in a sparkling subterraneous cavern in Somerset, a witch is waiting to enthral you and your children this Halloween half term.

From 22-30 October the Witch of Wookey Hole will be handing out magical gifts to children, with her cohort of invisible ghostly companions, in her sinister lair in Cavern 20, buried deep beneath the Mendip Hills.

Daniel Medley, the Wookey Hole director said: “This is one of our favourite times of year, Wookey Hole truly is the home of Halloween!

“The witch’s minions will provide visitors with a tour of the caves, including the newly discovered, deeply haunted caverns 10 and 20 and there are opportunities to attend the Halloween Circus Show at the hallowed hours of 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Those lucky enough to attend the three o’clock showing can take part in the fancy dress competition, where winners get a free return visit for their family!

“Then if you dare, enter the witch’s laboratory to engage in an interactive, 4D cinema experience where animated movie, Dracula, will be showing.”

Legend says that many hundreds of years ago the witch was a beautiful young woman, who discovered her lover’s infidelity and retreated to Wookey Hole Caves, using her powers to spoil budding romances.

Eventually the desperate villagers sought help from a monk who resented the witch for supposedly ruining his marriage. When he found her she was crouched in a dark corner of the caves by a lake. The witch attempted to curse him, but he splashed her with holy water while chanting a powerful incantation and she turned to stone.

The husk of her malign form can still be seen crouching in a dark corner of the “Witch’s Kitchen”, alongside the shapes of her familiars, a dog and a goat.

The legend was strengthened in 1912 when Herbert Balch discovered a 1000-year-old skeleton believed to be the witch. She was found with a comb, a bowl, two goats, an alabaster orb thought to be her crystal ball and a sacrificial knife.

Daniel continued: “Those who meet the witch today in her lair can decide for themselves, or ask her about her dark past.  We’re also hosting a spectacularly spooky Halloween party on 29 October, come along all ye who dare.

“Lovers of the supernatural and prehistoric who visit during Halloween also get entry to the 20 other fantastic family attractions including the Wizard’s Play Barns, Magical Mirror Maze, Fairy Garden and Valley of the Dinosaurs.”

Visitors who book Halloween tickets online get 10% off. 

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